Detzel Family Plot, Ridgelawn Cemetery

As Father Pitt has mentioned, Ridgelawn Cemetery has the best-preserved collection of stone-fenced family plots in the area. Here is a typical and crowded example.

If you should happen to get caught in the middle of a conversation on the Internet in which some ignoramus argues that we do not need to vaccinate against childhood diseases because they were never all that bad, you have old Pa Pitt’s permission to share this picture (which you could do anyway, since it’s released under a CC0 public-domain dedication):

Schaffer Plot, Ridgelawn Cemetery

As Father Pitt has mentioned earlier, Ridgelawn Cemetery preserves its stone-fenced family plots, once a feature of every “rural” cemetery, more perfectly than any other cemetery in the area. Here we have a typical plot, except for its unusual shape: a main monument in the rear center is surrounded by various smaller monuments for individual members of the family, and the stone wall breaks for an entrance inscribed with the name of the patriarch of the family.