Elizabeth Flowers Monument, North Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery

A particularly well-preserved monument in the romantic style of the 1860s, with two poetic epitaphs.

She was a mother good and kind
While she with us did stay
Life is short to all mankind
God’s call we must obey

Come, children, to my tomb and see
My name engraved here.
Remember, you must come to me.
Be like your mother dear.

Margareta Linhart Tombstone, North Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery

daughter of
died Dec. 10, 1845
Aged 1 Year
5. Mos. 10 Ds.

A good example of what Father Pitt calls the “poster style” that became popular in the 1840s and 1850s: a plain rectangle on which the inscription is engraved in a wide variety of lettering styles, like an advertising poster of the same era.